Speaker Restoration And Repair

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    I bought a quad of 1972 Celestion G12S speakers from a UK based Reverb seller. One was torn, one had a detached spider and all of them were dirty.

    I did a LOT of Googling and first started talking to the guy from Merren but he was backed up so I kept looking and found Nick from TheSpeakerShop in Florida.

    This fellow is very professional. I sent him pics and he quoted me $38.50 each to restore them and repair them. He had to clean them up, repair the tear and re-glue the spider and line up the voice coils.

    It took about two weeks to get them back. It cost more to ship them than to have them restored. I finally got out in my studio and tested each of them before I installed them.

    I plugged into my '72 Marshall 4X12 cab with my de Lisle 15P Studio head. It's a 15 watt Vox style head. I worked up the volume incrementally until I was full volume with the head and full volume with a Japanese Greco Tele.

    This cab sounds SO good! I'm really happy with the entire experience. I recommend Nick for your vintage speaker restorations. He didn't recone them, he restored them and they sound GREAT.

    To be clear, those are two different speakers. I was just trying to show how good they look.


    589C30A1-6045-44FE-AAD2-E34BA8C83AC1_1_105_c.jpeg 78805D29-35FF-4417-A3E1-310B1971F366_1_105_c.jpeg 517CB32C-8587-46D4-8506-AA00EAD77F66_1_105_c.jpeg 9362CDCB-C76D-42D2-80DB-E89B6A08167E_1_105_c.jpeg CCE691A3-FCFB-4592-A65A-5BCE3649DAFE_1_105_c.jpeg
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    Speaker repair is one of the easiest things to do...about the same level of difficulty as changing strings on a guitar.

    There are certain procedures and 'tricks' involved, but do one recone and you've got pretty much all the skills necessary to repair/recone any speaker.

    Recone kits (cone, spider, voice coil, dust cap) are very affordable too. Other items you need are an Xacto knife, putty knife, solvent, speaker glue, soldering stick and solder.
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