Speaker power ratings: a hard line?

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    Yeah it’s complicated and I also wasn’t clear when comparing a 5w Champ to a 50w Marshall and saying the Marshall is only two times as loud with ten times the watts.
    I was basing that on the scientific assumption of watts vs watts being measured through the same speakers, but I wrote champ and Marshall without stipulating that.

    And while the Marshall there is a lot louder than the champ, my point was that it isn’t ten times as loud.
    I’d still say it’s very hard to hear the difference between something like 15w output and 35w output when trying to avoid frying the 30w speaker.

    Staying around one or two watts works though!
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    Speaker wattage ratings are listed by watts, for their intended purpose, and are pretty much for the coil, before it self destructs. Speaker ratings are for AC, not DC. You can't say... hey, 6.9 ohm, or 7.2 ohm coil let me test it with DC to see if its really rated for that sort of wattage. You'll blow 'em every time.
    Wattage rating is "usually" at 1kc for a guitar speaker. Usually, but ya never can tell. And of course, there's a difference between a blown coil - the wattage, the heat dissipation capability - and blowing a cone, or a coil former from the cone. Old speakers can fall apart from brittleness, regardless of the wattage rating.

    And, I regularly play bass through my own modern 5F4. I built it with a little extra filtration capacity, and have 120w worth of speakers for an amp that does just over 40 watts. Works great, you can feel the air from the speakers on yer leg if you stand in front of it! Same thing for the old Bassman head I stuck in a 2x10 built for me by the late Larry Rodgers. That one had a pair of Vintage 10's in it, and threw a bunch of air with bass.

    So, wattage rating is based on AC signal frequency.... just keep that in mind.
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