spamming and bouncing vendor ads over and over in the classified ads.


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Jun 17, 2008
Is it just me or has something changed?

It's one thing to post a few ads here and there, but one vendor accounting for 20% of the adds in a section of the classified ads, having no other presence in the forums at all, bouncing the ads back to the top of the section every other day is quickly getting obnoxious.

I don't even see vendors doing this on the gear page, not that I spend much time there, I don't think they let commercial shops do it on craigslist either, though it does remind me a bit of "That Guy", I think every city and section has one, on craigslist.

I'm certainly not in charge, and I'm not sure of the rules, but I thought the intent of our free classified ads was to let people that frequent our forums sell and find niche gear, not to serve as with no fees, and you can keep your ads on the top of the search too for vendors, and I thought the vendor program here was generally for small companies to make and market their own stuff like for example @Bootstrap, not to supply retailers with the cheapest advertising in town and spam us with the dozens of ads for new and used guitars, and effects or whatever.

Consolidating the multiple ads to a single ad with a list, and not bouncing it up to the top all the time, would make it a little less screaming and annoying.

I guess I could just throw the vendor into the ignore file, but It seems like I shouldn't have to.

Don't we have a vendor section for vendors, to announce special sales, new products changes etc?


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