Source for Single Graph Tech barrel saddle?


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Feb 15, 2020
Northern Illinois
I've got a Hipshot B bender on my parts Tele Thinline (69 style), and want to swap out the e/b saddle for a graph tech saddle. Its on an ash try style bridge, and I'm having trouble finding a single barrel saddle for sale anywhere. (Easy to find single block saddles used on reverb)
I'd really rather not have to shell out for a whole set just to use one (if I can avoid it). And with this tele being used 3X a week at band practices, and 1-2X a week at gigs...I'm going through B strings way faster than I'd like.

Any one know a source for a single Graph tech Barrel saddle? (Other than just hoping and waiting to find one on reverb) Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance for any help sourcing one.

T Prior

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Mar 17, 2003
Charlotte NC
I am guessing the B strings are breaking as they cross the saddle ? Which saddle is on the guitar, Steel or Brass ? How often are you breaking a string ? Where is the string breaking ?

While I cannot answer your question with regard to Graph Tech, it is NOT common for B strings to break on ANY B Bender guitar, regardless of brand.

The only time , for me, that a B string broke often was on a Fender Parsons Green system and that was due to a BURR at the top of the String Tower, not the saddle. Once the Burr was removed, the guitar never broke a B string again. The main complaint with regard to brass/steel saddles + strings is SQUEAKING noise which can be resolved with "NUT SAUCE" .

When I used a HIPSHOT on a standard brass 3 saddle Tele, I don't believe I ever broke a string. Squeaking noise, yes.

Here is some basic info regarding Benders and saddles just for thought and comparison.

Hipshot systems use the stock/standard saddles. Breaking strings is not a major complaint.

Matney systems use the standard saddle thats on the guitar, I have friends that use these and they do not break strings.

Forrest Lee Jr systems use a custom polished Steel saddle, they do not break strings

Glaser systems use either the saddle thats on the guitar or a custom polished Steel saddle, they do not break strings. Early Glaser systems have been on guitars for decades with standard saddles.

The point here is maybe its not the saddle, as its NOT common for the saddle to cause the breakage issue unless there is something amiss on the saddle like a burr or worn spot ( deep groove) Bender players are not running out purchasing Graph tech saddles is all I am suggesting.

I have read where the HIPSHOT system was installed with TOO MUCH down force over the saddle which typically would cause saddle wear but could also cause breakage over time, being weeks, months, not days. Drag some cotton over the saddle, see if it snags.

Let us know how you make out.