Sound man and Worship leader preferring the single coil tones of my Kiesel DC with Marks Singles and a split Beryllium to my high end "Strat'!


Dec 3, 2012
Birmingham Alabama
Guitar is a neck through 2017 Kiesel DC and I grabbed the pickups off Reverb. Had heard good things about the new Marks singles from Kiesel as a real vintage single coil but Kiesel is rather proud of their pickups new. So when someone posted a listing for this Marks single Beryllium bridge set on Reverb for $100 I dove on it. Would have been a $350 from Kiesel. I am floored at how good these pickups sound in this guitar. My worship leader and our sound man both prefer the tones of this guitar to my Silverado Washburn Strat with the Duncan Antiquity Surfers! Have the Kiesel set up to auto split the Humbucker in pos 2 with the single in the middle. Some of the new pickups from Kiesel are really really good!
Clips live of the Kiesel through my Mesa Subway. Full cleans are breathtaking with this combo but I rarely play clean in this PB context .

With the Silverado same rig

What do you guys think?