Songs with killer Rythm guitar thread


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Mar 21, 2007
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Nile Rodgers.

I like this obscure track from 1982 which really shows off his great rhythm playing.

Quite shameful that it took until page two for Nile Rogers to come up.

If people are going to be stuck in decades past and I, IV, V jail maybe Mother Maybelle should be there.


Edit: Catfish Collins should also be there if we're stuck in the past.
Edit 2: How did I not say Leo Nocentelli if we're stuck in the past.

I need to get to work but confess I could spend days on good rhythm guitar.

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John Frets

Mar 11, 2018
Portland, OR

I love the way this song begins. The drums and guitar are perfect. However, I believe that Ry Cooder says Keith Richards took the guitar part from him when Cooder was helping the Stones record “Let it Bleed.” He played mandolin on “Love in Vain” and slide guitar on “Sister Morphine.” The guitar on “Honky Tonk Women” does sound more like Cooder’s stuff than anything else Richards did.

Here’s an excerpt from a story in American Songwriter on Cooder:

“The Rolling Stones brought me to England under totally false pretenses,” said Ry to Rolling Stone in 1970. “They weren’t playing well and were just messing around in the studio. There were a lot of very weird people hanging around the place, but the music wasn’t going anywhere. When there’d be a lull in the so-called rehearsals, I’d start to play my guitar. Keith Richard would leave the room immediately and never return. I thought he didn’t like me! But, as I found out later, the tapes would keep rolling. I’d ask when we were going to do some tracks. Mick would say: ‘It’s all right, Ry, we’re not ready yet.’ “In the four or five weeks I was there, I must have played everything I know. They got it all down on these tapes. Everything… they’re bloodsuckers, man.”​


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