Songs that feature the Fender Jaguar.

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    The cool thing about Fender guitars is that they're adaptable, you can use them for everything save maybe Flamenco.

    The Jag in particular has a sound all of its own and people found ways to incorporate it in a very diverse range of styles. So let's have a showcase of the short scale offset.

    And I'll start with the first famous rock star who used one as his main axe. Carl Wilson.

    Seeing as how the actual studio version of this song has that exact same ploinky sound, it's very safe to assume that he played his Jag on the album.

    Although known as being a Strat-man through and through, John Frusciante has been seen toting a Jag on occasions. According to interviews for Guitar World around the "Californication" era he recorded the album's opening song with a Jag and actually made use of the second circuit of the guitar.

    Here you can actually see him switch the thing on as the chorus starts and go back to the normal circuit for the verses.

    In the late eighties and throughout the nineties, the Jag became a coveted guitar in the alternative rock scene with Kevin Shields (My Bloody valentine), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic youth) and of course Kurt Cobain adopting them as their main axes. But that it also could go much heavier was proven when Scott Hill used Jaguars for down tuned Stoner rock with Fu Machu.
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    Emily Kokal from Warpaint rocks one frequently, starting on the second track in this performance. Pretty sure this is the Jag that was gifted to her by John Frusciante.
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    A good portion of Johnny Marr's solo work was done on his stable of customized vintage Jags. His signature Jag has his wiring configuration with Bare Knuckles. One of his stage Jags has the Ed O'Brien Sustainiac sustainer.

    Below is one of my favorite Johnny solo songs, played on his one-off "Comet Sparkle" finish.

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