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    Nov 17, 2006
    Seems like I have been drafted into the band of a friend-of-a-friend. Started out as filling in
    for the lead player for one gig, and has gone from there. Great guys, fun music, good crowd.

    The band plays like ~1/2 Cumbia and 1/2 tex/mex. For reference, think these:

    Mezcaleros - Cumbia de la Carretera
    Iguanas - Oye mi Cumbia
    Los Lobos - Maria Christina, How much Can I do?
    Texas Tornados, Hey Baby Que Paso?
    (Many) - Volver, Volver

    I suggested doing Maricela by Los Lobos, as I have always loved this tune and have secretly
    wanted to play it out with some folks for like ~forever. If you don't know it, Links are below.
    My suggestion was VERY warmly received, such that I have been somewhat emboldened and
    am seeking similar material to suggest.

    Please help -- Looking for suggestions for similar tunes (vibe, groove, etc) to suggest.


    LINK to Maricela - Album Version
    LINK to Maricela - Sweet Live Performance
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    Nov 12, 2008
    Fun lyrics in this one

    There was a thread about theme songs awhile back, I should have chosen this

    Emilio actually crossed over as a tex mex tejano act in the early 90's and you can do his shuffle

    Selena is the queen of cumbia
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