Something positive and easy to listen/watch, "Summer End"

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    Jun 25, 2016
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    This is my composition tribute to summer as the season ends! Despite the situation we're in, let's take time to enjoy the season and always remember that a new season will start soon, just as how a life event ends and a new one starts. We will be okay with the help of our almighty!

    I used my PRS S2 Standard 22 "Darth Paul" (not a tele, sorry)! Darth Paul is not always a fire-breathing chugging machine...

    ...nope, I'm kidding... of course, it is!

    I would appreciate it if you could also subscribe to support my YouTube channel.

    Enjoy! Thanks!

    If you like the track, you may download it at the link below. Proceeds will be donated to the Pioneer Center for Human Services Homeless Shelter. Thank you!

    This is the first time I am recording an acoustic guitar as I don't play acoustics much! At another forum, we were discussing the best way to record an acoustic guitar. So, I experimented mic'ing. I tried to find out which sounded better... mic or piezo. I found out that doing both and mix them together actually sounded good!
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    Nice one lbb.
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