Some Tele-rific stuff on this set of Dylan outtakes

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    Feb 19, 2015
    From the jumbled 1970 Dylan & New Morning sessions. Guitarists include Al Kooper, David Bromberg, Ron Cornelius, Buzz Feiten. Supposedly George Harrison, too, though some session tracks don't list him, and little here seem George-y.


    Bob doing his usual quirkfest of bold "Let's try this" moods, approaching things from angles ranging from the sloppily artful to the drunk-cousin cringey.

    The Tele tones are steadily skilled and fun. Especially since it's all one-take, keep-the-tape-rolling stuff. Great doing-the-dishes-for-the-weekend stuff.

    Nicely separated sound, too, in that clean, Columbia Studios/Bob Johnson production way, so you can really track the guitars, drums, piano, etc. Impressive professionalism in how everyone keeps up with him while also trying to guide him into something they can anticipate.

    Bob in one of his many nasal/gravel 50/50 forms. Sounds a lot like he'd be one of the Big Lebowski's beverage buddies....
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