Some recent tunes featuring modular synthesis and a little guitar

Digital Larry

Friend of Leo's
May 30, 2017
Silicon Valley, CA
I'm experiencing an uptick in creative activities to provide some catharsis for the stress brought on by the looming collapse of the startup I've been at for 8 years. As you might expect, some of this is incredibly weird but I know that a few of you out there are inclined off the straight and narrow.

Here's the first one. The rhythm is being created by a binary counter. What I like about this process is that at a certain point, I lose track of what's really going on. I couldn't do it again the same way if you paid me. Some of the timbres are almost orchestral, others clearly electronic.

The next one is just slight rewiring of the first one, but boy what a difference! This one is like a bunch of small spaceships flying around in an underground parking garage and bumping into each other harmlessly.

A short little number, only the drum track is electronic. It's two channels of Erica Pico drums into an Owl Modular stereo DSP unit set for "Dub delay".

Finally, music for a chase scene in a Blade Runner type of futuristic steamy midnight back alley full of strange characters and goings on. Out of the corner of your eye you perceive disturbing images, but maybe these people think this is normal. It's best if we just get out of here.