Some more Slide music


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Jun 28, 2019
left coast
Somebody interested in slide guitar wanted to know about "NOT BLUES IN "G",
and I thought Why not Blues in any key., but I'm trying to tame That Leo Sun Sign and 90% of my horrorscope being below the horizon and in Scorpio , so I chanting,
"do not be be confrontive
"do not be be confrontive
"do not be be confrontive

random acts of human kindness et al
So I have a couple of songs that I like and I don't know the tunings or the keys but I wanted to share them as I am want the Do.
Yes and a shout out to Moon Martin for writing the song cadillac walk,
and another shout out to the amazing soul singer who Rocks and Rolls
Sweet Willie Mink Deville, R.I.P.
I always said Willie don't half step,
sleep well my brother

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