Some brief thoughts on the Vox AC15HW1x vs AC30HW2x

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    Oct 8, 2017
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    Hi all - I have a bit of soft spot for telecasters running through Vox Amps.

    I started with an AC10, upgraded to an AC15C1 which I then upgraded to an AC15C1x. I then got an AC15H1TV which sounded phenomenal, but the noise floor was too high for my late-night noodling sessions when the family is in bed.

    Last November I got an AC15HW1x at a decent price on eBay. It was a B-stock from Vox UK & I loved the tone - amazing cleans and a great rock tone when pushing the Top Boost on Hot even at low volume on the 7.5 Watt setting with the master volume down.

    The AC15HW1x is undoubtedly excellent but some say the AC30 is the ultimate Vox tone. I also felt that the AC15 had a little less low-down thump than I'd ideally like.

    Against buying the AC30 were a couple of worries:

    1) Is it far too loud for home use?
    2) Is it so heavy it will be a nightmare to move?
    3) Will it actually be any different in tone to the AC15HW1x?

    Anyhow, I made a bit of an impulse buy of an AC30HW1x on eBay at the weekend. I had seen the apparently mint amp as a buy it now / best offer & had considered putting in an offer. In the event the seller changed it to an auction and I got it for less than 60% of the original buy it now price.

    The amp arrived today - it's immaculate and I couldn't be happier!

    Observations which might help those choosing between the AC15HW & the AC30HW

    1) Volume - the volume is perfectly manageable for home use - I've used it extensively this evening without disturbing my sleeping family - sounds great at low volume both on 15 & 30 Watt settings. You can get it to drive nicely by putting the top boost on hot, upping the gain & backing off the master volume. I'm sure it sounds wonderful at full pelt, but I love the sound at lower volumes too.

    2) Weight and moving - I was expecting a nightmare moving the amp - actually I find it easier to shift about than the AC15. Yes, it's heavier, but the twin handles feel easier to manoeuvre it than the single handle on the AC15.

    3) Tone - it has all the best qualities of the AC15 but with a little extra power in the bass - probably due to 2x12 drives and a more open back - I love it!

    So - anyone fancy relieving me of an AC15HW1x at a good price?
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    Just wait until the AC50HWH and V412HWx Cab are announced......

    But seriously, Thanks for the comparison. It seems that the perception is that the AC30 is too much amp for home use. I'm glad to see it can work well in that situation, too.

    I see a lot of people selling AC15s on local online classifieds and probably about a third as many AC30's. I've never seen an AC10 and I have seen a few AC4s.

    It makes me wonder why people are ditching the AC15s.

    I think we are fortunate to be in a market where you can get the top boost sound in almost any price range.
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