SNARLING DOGS SDP-6 VARITONE PEDAL: Or to much caffeine after lunch


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Jun 28, 2019
left coast
I was reading that Freddie King after Freddie King switched from his gold top Les Paul with P-90 Pickups to his
Gibson 345 with the Varitone selector with the chicken head knob and A Gibson GA-40 amp. Then switching to Powerful Fender amps, turned way up load. Fender Super Reverb and the Fender Dual Showman, Fender Quad Reverb,.
Then I read that Snarling Dog makes/made the SDP-6 VARITONE PEDAL so that we could all have that magic
nasal-tone with just the click of the switch and no unsightly modification to our sweet heart lovely body.

Then being the curious guy that I am
( people always say , "ping-ping your a very curious person" )
I began to think about the Boss EQ-200 Graphic Equalizer Pedal with four memory slots for separate EQ patches.
Doing noise, fripola looping, layers of guitar tone (think old pick up truck bad am radio over nasal tele with band pass filtering)
atmospherics using guitars to industrialize a song.
further down the rabbit hole influenced by some of the sounds created with the Buchala Synths

So from listening to Freddie Kings Playing and Tone l around about we go arriving at the electronic Weasel Easel project
Fred Firth "Guitar" did lots of amazing things most people know as guitarist just don't do, "
outside the box but not off the grid


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