Slick SL50 - love to hate or hate to love?

3 Chord

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Mar 20, 2007
Billings MT
So I picked up a used SL50 from GC on-line and I don't know what to think of it.

Cheap enough. That's good because I'm cheap.

Looks like Stevie Wonder put it together but then you plug it in. What?!!!

It rocks with authority, back down the volume knob and it cleans right up. It holds tune. It's actually pretty, umm, Slick.

The bad;
- neck plate was installed (drilled) crooked
- the finish is terrible, I'm too old for fake wear on a guitar or fake anything anymore.
- the sunken LP jr bridge make string changes goofy.
- the neck is a little thin.
- someone decided to try to deface the decal, not that think it is a worthy guitar but leave the birth certificate alone!
- the frets are as big as a 2 common nail. Hurts the fingers a little.
- sharp fret ends.
- the nut also has very sharp shoulders.
- the neck wood (maple) looks cheap, the rosewood fingerboard looks ok.
- Looks silly and ugly imo. (see thru off white with streaky grain, in a not so good way)

The good;
- sound is great, both pups
- snarls and twangs, like a good Tele should but not all Teles do!
- the neck is faster than me
- it holds tune forever
- $139

Not sure if it's staying though. It sure is a fun guitar to play and the pickups and bridge and tuners are probably worth what I paid. And although the body is finished poorly, the body wood seems good.

Overall, the money went into the sound (good) but the overall impression is that it looks like it was made by someone who is just learning woodworking skills. The paint and relic job are on par with the wood shaping skills.

As good as it sounds, I still have to look at it (sigh).

If it stays, it's going to get a facelift, and maybe a new neck. Maybe a tone pot.

Or maybe it just needs to get a new home.

3 Chord rating, 2.5/5.


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Dec 8, 2016
Redding, CA
Found a Pic. Wait....... What? This will make it play like 90weight.