Single Coil vs Humbucker Overdrive


Nov 8, 2012
I have way to many, GAS got to me. Somewhere around 22 I think. Only 2 Les Pauls though with P90's rest are Fender or Fender builds. Oh one is an odd ball, Kramer Barretta from the 80's with a humbucker. Then there are acoustics and keep looking at ads for Taylors, maybe someday for the Taylor.
I like Taylors a lot. One of my four acoustics is a Mahogany/Blackwood Taylor 324. Extremely versatile, great sounding, fun-to-play guitar. Terrific guitar, in fact. It's the one I play the most.


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Jun 16, 2019
In watching the American Vintage 2 1963 Tele demos and many others it seems that the
overdrive part is not any different than the HB demonstrations on some other Tele models I'm thinking maybe
single with a tube screamer or similar into a good tweed/blackface is all you need
and the rest is simple compete-with-Gibson marketing. Steve Cropper wasn't hurt
by using his overdrive here.
At first I wanted the new Tele Deluxe 75 but am thinking of the 1963 single coil
I know specialty people want something different and always will but in general
is it worth it or do the single coil/overdrive pedal/Fender amp thing? Or maybe even
just turn the tweed up? Any ideas on this?
Sometimes it seems to original design was SO good that things like HB and Thinlines become
a lot of work for little sound/reward compared to the original, just a little pedal/amp tweeking
rather than a whole rethink, which these sound like they do. I could be wrong about it, just
seeking some opinions, especially since the AV2 is burning a whole in my
pocket with GAS at the moment

Everyone liked the first post song this morning so thought I'd post another similar one called Boot-leg.
BTW Red Beans and Rice opens with the "Hendrix chord" used for Purple Haze. Make a 2 finger open E7 chord
and find the notes. Hendrix used to speak to Cropper a lot and learn things such as at Monterey when
Booker T and the Mg's were playing with Otis and Jimi was there.

^^^Agree. Single coil into a good Tweed or Blackface, but for me without the tube screamer, just guitar straight into Tweed, BF or Silverface amp. Or as you say later in your post "...just turn the tweed up..." With a Blackface or Silverface though, you need to have a small wattage amp like a BF/SF Champ or BF/SF Princeton to drive it into breakup sans-pedal without blowing out some windows.