Silver Pony II, Klon Centaur, Soul Food - my take

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    A few weeks ago I built a BYOC Silver Pony II. Had no idea what it was supposed to sound like as I've never heard a Klon Centaur (or at least nobody ever pointed it out to me). It worked. I reduced the final output level on it just a little to get the volume control a bit more usable when the drive was maxed (or close to maxed).

    As fate sometimes works its charm, I was talking about the SPII and a was offered one to try for a while. Since it was coming in by UPS, I figured... hey... let me try a Soul Food just to see how that does. So, I ordered one of those.

    I've had four days of doinkin' around with the three pedals, thought I've give some feedback. And sorry, sound clips of any reasonable quality are beyond my current capability.

    Using the Klon Centaur as the baseline tone and response -

    The Silver Pony II is a bit brighter at most settings, has just a touch less "drive". I didn't undo the modification I made, but it only effects the output volume, and nothing more, so the SPII didn't have quite the total "boost" available, but still has plenty with my mod. Both have more boost than anything I'd call usable. When the SPII treble is turned fully down, it matches the KC almost perfectly. Turning up the treble, the SPII gets a more trebly, and will attain greater treble response than the KC, but not a terrible amount. Just a shade more when treble is maxed out. A noticeable amount, but really, just turn the knob down a little and they pretty much sound the same. In other words, when both are set to their extreme limits - which I don't find particularly useful - the SPII does have just a hair more treble, a hair less drive. Both pedals can be made to sound identical in their very usable and nice when not maxed out.

    The Soul Food is an interesting pedal. I'll skip the buffer vs true bypass part of things. Tone wise, its either a little brighter, the same, or a little darker than either the SPII or the KC. It has more "range" to the treble control. It also has just a hair more drive and breakup than either the SPII or KC. Not amazing amounts... just noticeable amounts. It can be adjusted to sound identical to the SPII or the KC (which is why folks might buy it to begin with).

    So what's my final take?

    Well for starters, I'm gonna split the difference, and choose a resistor half way between my mod and the stock resistor in the final output. Stock was 5.6k, I settled on 15k after trying a few values, but... maybe 10k would be better. They're easy to change.

    Secondly, there's no freakin way I'd spend a couple of grand for a Klon Centaur. I think it was maybe overpriced (for the time it was made) at just over $200 or so when new. Yes, a boutique pedal and all.... but I just don't see the hype.

    Third - while I like building things, having to do it all over again, I'd just pick up a Soul Food and smile all the way to the bank. The SPII has a separate clean boost channel, and that's useful, but its more $$$ than the Soul Food, and you have to assemble it.... I guess it was worth it, but I'd still just get the Soul Food.

    Just my two useless cents of feedback.... YMMV, and all the rest...
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    No comp. try one you throw your SF in the bin. Under $ 200 if you know someone 14C3C0AA-87A7-4E52-9CF6-102FBF253325.jpeg
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    Working on the Aion Klone (see the thread on Chinese klones) now, germanium diodes and modded op-amp types and am curious to hear the difference from the handful of other clones/soundalikes I have, JRockett Archer, Soul Food, Creme Brulee. I gave my son the Soul Food when I got the Archer, though he didn't take that one with him back to school.
    I better get wiring.
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    Thanks for the detailed review @RottenTheCat. Much appreciated.
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