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    May 7, 2016
    My main gig rig is a combination of these 2 guitars (my own builds that are inspired by my favorite elements of Les Pauls and Teles) and a Prosonic with a few slight mods (12ay7, 5751, and 12azy in v1-3; clipped c301 in v1; and an impedance selector switch allowing me to run the speakers at 4ohm in parallel). I use the amp for clean and high-ish gain OD, and I use the OD for light-duty OD.

    Pedals are:
    MXR Custom B@d@ss Modified OD
    Moog Minifooger Tremolo
    Phase 90
    TC Miniflashback
    Smart gate

    I run these into the front of the amp and a clean boost and volume pedal in the loop.

    My home practice rig is a VHT Special 6 running a 6L6 into a Celestion VX10. I usually use a MXR Classic Distortion and a Vox Stomplab for a little additional texture (mostly reverb).

    My buddy let me borrow his Mojotone 5e3 att last show. Ran it with the Tobacco burst LP ('93 Studio Lite) straight in. I'm pretty sure one of these is in my future. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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