shout out thank you to all the folks who advised Deoxit for my 60's AO thinline

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    thumbnail_20200922_152741_resized.jpg I ordered the Deoxit late Friday eve thru stewmac and it arrived sunday-wow. prior to that I had tried isopropyl alcohol Saturday eve but it didn't help. later that night I played it again and it was actually worse, pickups cutting out, a lot of crackle and noise when using the vol or tone controls.

    the other issues were not difficult fixes, were going to simply take a little time.

    had the option to return for credit or exchange(sweetwater) with them also providing a return shipping label. as far as exchange, all the other thinlines in the model were quite a bit heavier(this one is 6 lb 14 oz, not a lightweight, but not a heavyweight either), and there was something about this tele. it just fit my hands and felt really right and the pickups sounded really good(when working correct). I decided to wait and try the Deoxit before returning.

    The Deoxit fixed all the sound issues. Once I put everything back together, it sounded the way it should, not crackle, no cutting out, etc. I knew immediately it was a keeper and I thought immediately about the kind folks here who recommended advice. I've taken care of the rest of the small things and its just a swell tele.

    thank you all again, this forum is just great, loaded with folks who know, and are willing to help us novice electric players.

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