Should your rig fight with you a little, or help you out?

Fiesta Red

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Nov 15, 2010
I like my guitars to push back a little (feel-wise) and everything else (pedals, amps) to pull me along…

I’ve played some of those “fast”, light pointy-headed guitars and they were easier to play. However, I prefer the feel (and sound and looks) of my stiffer, heavier Telecaster.

But I also wear big heavy boots a lot more than light comfy athletic shoes, so maybe that tells you something about me.


Aug 19, 2020
I don't fight my gear or expect it to make me sound great cause it's down to me to sound good and not blame any gear I use.

I do notice too many novice players using way too much of their effects ( mainly reverb and distortion ) thinking it makes them sound great..but all I hear is their effects not their playing.

I learnt to play on an acoustic guitar for 5 years and didn't have effects to hide behind or to fool me into thinking I sounded great so I developed my own picking angles to get the sound I wanted... I still learn new material on an acoustic as if you can make it sound good on an acoustic then you really understand the material and can translate that onto an electric.

Give a good guitarist an ordinary guitar and amp and they will still sound good...give a not so good guitarist the best gear available and they will still sound no so good.

There was a guy who came to a monthly 'Old Farts" music session who had the latest expensive gear..even his guitar was self tuning and his amp had every effect known to mankind built into it...but wow he sounded so bad... a mess of reverb and distortion... that it was hard to hear what he was playing...he ended up being uninvited to the music sessions despite me trying to help him get a decent just wasn't in his soul to sound good unfortunately.
I like to keep an acoustic guitar around. Whether practicing or writing or just noodling around, if I can make something sound decent on acoustic (or even an electric guitar not plugged in) then the rest is a bonus. It not only forces one to concentrate on playing but also to use your imagination a little. Lots of nuances to be found.