Should or Shouldn't?? Modify my CS 63


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Feb 12, 2010
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If it’s an investment, don’t modify it.
It's not. No guitar is an investment. I'm downsizing now. I'm gonna rock til I drop but I am getting older and I want to move guitars on so my daughter doesn't have to when I kick the ol' bucket.
If you modify it, whoever inherits it will curse you in your grave incessantly for doing so.
Yes, indeed. It's a pretty guitar with the dark rosewood against the yellowed body.
If it were me, I would find another Telecaster that has the features you crave
This is my thought as well. The thing is, I have a Les Paul for the humbucker thing so I'm not buying another Tele just to have one with humbuckers. Plus, as @brookdalebill said, "sometimes modding is not the answer".
If it’s a guitar you think you would hold onto forever , I would do whatever I need to do to make it most playable for me . But if selling is a possibility, then I would not do any routing for a normal size humbucker
The guitar is very playable. It's my favorite guitar in terms of feel. I am just uninspired by it's tone sometimes.
It’s your guitar, and your voice. Do what you want. Everything is reversible, if you plan ahead and do it right.
Routing is certainly not reversible. If I did it, it would be done by an expert.

I've cooled my jets on this idea. I think posting was like "thinking out loud" and realizing it's not a wise move. As I have posted before, I might end up Tele-less. I would never have thought I would ever be without a Tele but it's a possibility. After all, it's just a plank of wood.


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May 9, 2018
It Varies.....
I was just thinking this is one of the pit falls with CS guitars.

To me "custom shop" is what was assembled in the custom shop. Exact parts and labor.

If you "upgrade" any component the CS is now worth less. Substantially less IMO. This goes double for anniversary CS like the 70th Broadcaster. It was designed to sound like a 1950 Broadcaster (with minor brightening of the "dark" circuit) NOT like a '58 etc...There's nothing you could add short of original NOS parts like an original 1952 neck in mint condition that can increase the price...

Just a Monday morning observation....


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May 4, 2010
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My advice, put the 63 away. Don't play it for a while, just forget about it. Play other guitars, especially your HBs, and then come back to the Tele. Might give you a new perspective with fresh ears. If the pickups have never floated your boat, chances are they might not ever. In which case, maybe look at getting a custom set wound. My go-to recommendation is always Rob DiStefano.


Dec 11, 2013
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Don’t route it. Do the single-coil sized humbucker thing for both positions, or find some beefy single coils you like and install a four-way switch for a series option. It’s too nice a guitar to go crazy on, I think.