Should I spend more than $1k on an amp?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by Shinrock, Nov 28, 2020.

  1. Shinrock

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    Jul 6, 2020
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    That's very courteous of you to ask! I phrased it poorly, but the intention of my question was more philosophical than specific. In that regard, I'm thrilled with the engagement, conversation, and advice from the community.

    I actually made a move based on the information shared here. I really thought about two factors:

    1) What inspires me to play more?
    2) What's most practical for both practice and gigs?

    Surprisingly, the answer for me was a Strymon Iridium. I'm totally inspired by its sounds, both at practice and gig volumes. And it's the most portable and reliable amp solution I could dream of. There's still a beauty in playing a loud, sweet tube amp, and I can imagine I'll get the itch to find a perfect one down the road, but my current needs are met by a tiny metal box.

    Didn't see that coming, but couldn't be happier.
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  2. C00lCat

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    Nov 21, 2015
    You should spend as much as it takes to get your desired tone...plain and simple
    (that doesn't mean a lot of $$$)
  3. Jay Jernigan

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    Feb 11, 2013
    I was pleased to see, in post 241, confirmation that the original question was, in fact, of a philosophical nature.
    My amplifier philosophy has always been to have, and bring, a good sounding, well maintained, tube amp of the appropriate size and output for the gig in question.
    For me, that meant the right size Fender.
    A study in extremes, a Princeton and a Twin were my traveling companions for years. Shopped for a Deluxe Reverb for years, went through a BF SR (too big and loud), a couple of BF Vibroverbs (still have one) two BF Bassman heads and finally a BF DR, which I also still have.
    Along the way, I wound up with a blonde Blues DeVille, a peavey Classic 30, a Pro Jr and three (!?!) Blues Jrs. Oh, one of those dang Hot Rod DeVilles, too.
    The only real reason I had for trying another amp after the Deluxe is realizing its monetary value and not wanting to risk it. It's obvious to me now that I could have bought at least one direct replacement for it, should it have been necessary, for what I have spent to supplant it.
    So, I suppose that I am saying, philosophically, is you have to make that journey for yourself. I have been thinking seriously about selling some things, which I haven't considered in a while, and buying a $2-3000 boutique. Then I plug a P-90 into a cranked Blues Jr and I can't quit grinning.
    There are others.
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