Shameless (but tardy) gig alert--let's see your gig pics!

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    Not that any TDPRIers could have made it if I had announced it in time, but I actually had a gig last Saturday night. :eek: Every year the Royal Canadian Legion has a fund-raiser known as Bearfest. The music runs from 5 pm until very late, and this year included some hack who should probably stay at home and stop trying to pretend he's a rock star. :lol:

    The bass player and I had worked up a set, but Evan and his drummer needed us to complete their band. We went over their set with them a few minutes before going on, and it all went surprisingly well. My hat is off to all of you who do this on a regular or professional basis. It's fun, but it ain't easy!

    I'm the tall drink of water in the purple shirt with the Reverend Buckshot. Let's see some pics of some of you folks playin'!!

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