Separating the Men from the Boys in G&L Bluesboys

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  1. The Real Jake

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    Apr 2, 2021
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    Just got my first exposure to a G&L MFD
    bridge pickup via an ASAT Bluesboy. I freakin’ love this pickup! I’m considering installing one in a MIM Fender Tele of mine, but I’m also considering the G&L Asat Classic ALNICO bridge pickup for the same Tele.

    I was wondering how both G&L Pickups compare to each other, the MFD vs the ALNICO.

    Anyone who knows the Output number for each, that would be extremely helpful!

    (One more note: I’m trying to balance it out with a P90 in the neck position.)

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  2. John C

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    I don't know the output numbers for the G&L pickups, but I did demo an ASAT Classic S Alnico for a while and I found them to be more in the "60s Tele" wheelhouse - the neck and bridge pickups reminded me of the pickups in AVRI '62 Custom Teles of 1999-2012. Sorry; best that I can do; I think the alnico might be a bit underpowered to match with a P90.
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  3. EsquireOK

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    "Output numbers" is a misnomer. Almost nobody publishes pickup output, and there is certainly no industry-wide standard for measurement of such. It apparently needs to be stated a half dozen times per day, but DC resistance is not output...nor is it even that helpful of a specification to know!

    The G&L ASAT Classic Alnico bridge pickup is basically a classic Fender style Tele bridge pickup, perhaps a bit heavier. The MFD used in the ASAT Classic, Bluesboy, Bluesboy 90, etc. is much spicier.

    The MFD will be a nice match to a P90 in the neck, but I would wire your guitar to have separate tone controls. The MFDs are quite bright, so your default tone knob position with them will likely be down a little...but not necessarily so for the P90.

    Keep in mind that the ASAT Classic neck pickup is itself rather P-90-like, and when using it along with the ASAT MFD bridge pickup, you are less likely to find it detrimental to have a master tone control.
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    I’m no help but love G&L as well as Fenders. 2E0460CA-A7D2-4321-BEB5-E29A6C5A96CF.jpeg 4AE6C043-CC2B-497F-ABF9-8A58D688656E.jpeg
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