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Seeking collaboration with vocalist

Discussion in 'Recording In Progress' started by niilolainen, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. niilolainen

    niilolainen Tele-Meister

    Mar 1, 2012
    Helsinki, Finland
    Hi there

    I am a very amateur songwriter and musician. Originally from the UK, but have called Helsinki, Finland home for many years.

    But I have never been a very good singer. Hence I would be very interested in collaborating with someone who is. I’m very open minded about what kind of singer. Female or male, any kind of range or style. Just as long as you are better than me

    I am also very open to what type or genre the collaboration would be. I love the music of the American South. I love soul, funk, blues. Also Americana, folk and country (although I won’t pretend to be expert). I grew up near Liverpool, so liking the Beatles was pretty much compulsory and I love the great pop and classic rock that has been made by so many people from the 60s onwards : Stones, Dylan, Bowie, Kinks, Prince, Costello. I have also been known to listen to electronic / dance music and hip-hop. I also love the Jazz for Miles and Colrane, but could never imagine playing it

    People on songwriting forums have (in kinder moments) compared some of my songs to Tom Petty or George Harrison. So pretty straight ahead guitar-driven pop. But I have also dabbled with instrumentals, sampling and more electronic driven stuff.

    I am not a virtuoso instrumentalist or expert producer, but I am a solid, if unspectacular guitarist, I can lay down a half decent bass line (given enough takes!) and I know the basics of Logic. I am a guy in my late 40s, if that matters.

    I anticipate that this collaboration would be remote, sending projects and stems via DropBox or similar, supplemented by the occasional video call session. This means you would need to be able to track your parts on your end. I live in the Eastern European time zone, which is 2 hours ahead of London, 7 hours ahead of New York

    I do not want any money to change hands, but we can of course agree credit and ownership principles, according to industry norms, ahead fo time.

    I am open to re-recording, or re-writing anything in my back catalogue (would be curious to hear my songs with decent vocals) - or working on entirely fresh stuff.

    So if you are a half decent singer, who maybe has some extra time on their hands due to the current COVID situation, please give this some thought.

    I attach a link to my SoundCloud for your reference

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