Security PSA for crappy home networking.

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    A good reason to consider your home networking setup. At minimum don't use default credentials. What the article means is your home router can be faking popular web sites you go to and you'll get an info stealer.

    As an enterprise network manager I get asked what to choose and have noticed I'm not alone with other associates who like Ubiquiti over the common brands sold for home office. They make enterprise and home office stuff. Their "Amplifi" products will get you enterprise grade power and features made easy. You can tune the antennas unlike many systems, and they make it easy for a non-technical person.

    In addition to security you might get what our home and others who've done this have. You find the crappy stuff you get for free or old is the bottleneck for home networking performance. With the antennas tuned (they make it easy) my Amplifi 3-pack covers 3 floors and most of my block in the neighborhood. You also get a VPN back home, band steering for older WiFi stuff, and QoS to tune devices for streaming vs gaming etc....

    Most important is don't get spoofed or compromised.
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