SD Vintage Stack Neck (STK-T1n) with Tapped Bridge coil wind/polarity

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    Aug 9, 2020
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    I recently bought my first tele and it came with Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack Tele neck pickup and the SD Little 59' bridge.
    I want to put in a tele sounding bridge so from recommendations on this forum I am going to get a tapped Cavalier Twin Lion Bakersfield (underwound to 8000) and Huge Lion combo.
    The problem I am having is determining the polarity and coil wind to pair with the stacked neck pickup.
    I have determined the SD stacked pick up is either one large or two North (string facing) polarity magnets. When I use a compass to check I get the following results:

    North ↑
    North ↑

    I have less certainty about the coil wind. The lower coil is counterclockwise wind (CCW) but I am uncertain if the upper coil is therefore CW or wound CCW in someway that is slightly out of phase with the lower coil.
    So I am assuming I want the Cavalier bridge to be South polarity but am less certain what direction the wind should be.
    Some more info that is possibly relevant, I am planning on replacing the volume and tone pots to push/pull so that I can get the tapped pickups for the bridge on the tone knob and on the volume get the standard noise-cancelling for the neck as well as the "power boost" mode.
    Kudos to you if you made it this far in the post. It has been in interesting week of research. Any guidance would be appreciated :)
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