Schaller silicon fuzz

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    Hi folks.

    Had the opportunity to check out an old fuzz and I thought I'd share my experience with the crowd.So here we go.

    I just borrowed it from a friend of mine who's into synths and modular systems and whatnot; stomp boxes of any kind seem to be quite popular with this crowd.

    So here are some pictures:

    Schaller Fuzz 1.JPG

    Schaller Fuzz 2.JPG

    I was a bit shocked when I saw that the enclosure was made of plastic. That hammertone finish made it at least look like a block of solid steel.
    The wiring was neat though:

    Schaller Fuzz 3.JPG

    I added that little strip of duct tape to fix the battery cable. Some strands of wire already broke.

    Schaller Fuzz 4.JPG

    Schaller Fuzz 5.JPG

    In the last picture you can see the BC 173 ("ITT") silicon transistors.
    I didn't find a lot about this pedal on the interwebs. Most of the info was about the germanium version which seems to be quite sought after - I found some pedals being sold for around 450.- $$$. Anyone knows what's up with this silicon unit? I just found out they are some fuzz face variants...

    However. After I found out what I already suspected (that it's older than me, born in '83) I was really keen of hearing that mojo everybody is talking about, that real vintage deal, that... you know, THAT thing, old gear and all.

    After an hour of fooling around I knew why people (or pedals) moved on. It's nice. But it doesn't stack well. And it's noisy as fu... as fuzz, I mean (seems like a grounding issue or maybe its just those older parts that aged with time). I don't know. It sounded like any decent fuzz face variant. Which I like a lot but - being old probably doesn't really add anything special. I simply thought there was more to it.
    But it looks awesome!
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