Sata2 and Sata3 cable question

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    Just supposing, i want to add a 3rd ssd in my dell optiplex9010. And then i want to switch the data input socket using the optical drive which is sata3 and use it to power my new 1-2tb ssd. Will that work? Will it interfere with anything in the optical drive? I don't use it very much. And does the new 1-2tb ssd have to be sata3 to gain better function off of the sata 3 socket in the computer? I mean can i use a sata2 1-2tb ssd and plug it into the computers' sata3 socket and gain more speed? How my computer is configured is 2 sata2 sockets and 2 sata3 sockets. The sata three sockets are being used by the main drive and the optical sata2 socket is being use by an extra ssd.
    One other question.Does Windoes10 Pro recognize storage ssd as high as 3tb. I heard where the computer has no limits to the amount of storage but Windows setting may not show how much storage used and storage left up to a certain amount.
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    The drive will be backwards compatible with slower SATA ports, but you simply won't get the advertised speeds (still miles better than a HDD).
    A workaround is to buy and install a PCI-E SATA III controller card for your machine. Even better, buy an M2 PCIe 3.0 NVMe adaptor and install a cheap 1TB NVMe stick of storage.

    With regards to storage size, if you are on 64-bit version of Windows 10, and your BIOS supports this (UEFI bios with the drive formatted as GPT/GUID and not MBR), you will be able to see drives way bigger than 2TB.

    Hope this helps.
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