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    It's been about a month since receiving this in the mail and I've had time, just about every day, to fully understand it's effectiveness in both home-studio and medium sized venue applications. Some folks here might recall a thread in which I sought recommendations for a very low gain pedal with the transparency of the MXR CMBOD. I found the one for my needs.

    Tele with vintage-output pickups-Earth Drive-Victoria Vicky Verb.

    Initially, my first hour was rather "meh", sounded okay but nothing to write home about. Then I went to adjust the amp eq and noticed that it was at half-power from practicing some "The Who" songs earlier to start the morning. This amp has incredible natural compression for home studio use, when set to half-power. After I set it to normal power, turning up volume for extra-measure , I tried the Earth Drive again and WOW, it suddeny came alive. Set with volume around 1:00, drive at 10:00 and tone just past noon it offered a tad of natural sounding compression without cutting the lows or highs in an artificial way, just a clear sounding dirty boost, if that makes any sense.

    Turning up the drive to around 2:00 and dialing back the volume a bit, the tone became thicker and I was able to fully compensate by turning the tone up towards 2:30. All of these tones are relative to what I hear when turning off the pedal and turning up the amp volume to achieve the same level of distortion. I'm pretty satisfied with this pedal and I don't like most "drive/od" pedals. Grabbed the strat and played "Limelight" by Rush. Very nice sounding, particularly with the guitar volume backed off when needed. As weeks went on, I found myslef keeping this on top of my amp and using it as boost and tone-shaping pedal, simply adding a bit of drive when needed.

    In live applications, the tone knob is also interactive with the volume. once the volume AND Drive are set above 2:00, the range of the tone is very apparent and useful depending on amp eq settings.

    In short, I'm very pleased. I've also been using it with other instruments as a pre-amp (lap steel, dulcimer, autoharp, among others) to add needed gain for recording.
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    Grateful Dead / Jerry-style players love this pedal. They always recommend this pedal for those tones.
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