Sad, abandoned guitar suddenly back in the rotation.

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    I bought this Epiphone EJ-200 Coupe about six months ago, I needed a 'reasonably priced' acoustic/electric to fill that gap in my guitar arsenal and really liked it enough at the music store, paid about $600 for it and a decent hardshell case and brought it home.

    Once there, I noodled around on it for maybe an hour, but it didn't feel or sound anywhere as good to me as it did to me back in the store, I became disillusioned with it, hung it on the wall and really didn't touch it again until today, six months later, when I took it down, put it in its case, and drove back to the store I bought it from to trade it in on a Taylor 254CE 12 string that they've had for a month or two. I was in there two days ago and the Taylor was there, but today it was gone, so no trades were made.

    I returned home with the Epiphone, and for the heck of it, plugged it into my 60 watt Boss Acoustic Singer amp, and dang if the little red 'Coupe' didn't play and sound pretty good. It has a some minor fret buzz, and has since day one, but nothing I guess a little truss rod tweak wouldn't get rid of, or so I'm told.

    So, it looks like the Epiphone just had to hang there and bide it's time until I came around and renewed my interest in it.

    It's a very nice looking guitar in its transparent dark red finish, and it's compact body appeals to me. I hope it works out. I'll spend a couple hours with it tomorrow morning, hopefully it'll now become 'a keeper'.

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    That looks really nice! I hope it has found a home-
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