Russian Doll on Netflix and The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis


Aug 24, 2006
I watched the Russian Doll series last week. In certain parts of the series I distinctly heard musical cues to The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis. A certain piano arpeggio from the title track at a certain time in the show, a subtle implied guitar tone and/or keys riff here and there. Just in 2 or 3 little parts. This is interesting and clever, like Easter eggs for anyone who has the touchpoints to catch them. The story of that album and of the show do have some parallels. I think there are other such relationships in the show - musical, visual, and dialogue-based. I am confident I heard that piano arpeggio, but there's nothing online formally discussing it. Could it be too subtle? Is subtlety nearly extinct?

I liked the show, especially the first season. If you choose to check it out I'd suggest watching more than the first few episodes before you decide. I think it gets better and more complex as you go through the first season. Stick around for the second season if you liked Columbo, Hungarians, or Times Square in the 80's.