Runoff Groove Splitter-Blend


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Feb 15, 2010
York UK
I'm Building a new RunOffGroove Spliiter Blend, don't know if anyone's familiar with it? I've had one on my board for about 10 years and I want to make a more compact version that actually works the way I use it.
Rather than splitting the signal then Blending it again with the same box as intended, I split the signal with a different pedal and the blend the signal with the Splitter section. Then I run the output of the Blend round to the input of the Splitter to split it into two amps.
So basically I use it as a Blender-Split
Hope that makes sense.
So I'm making a version that does just that and hard-wire the blender out to the Splitter in internally.
I'm not great at circuit design so I'd apriciate some help.
Question is about the 10uF decoupling caps on the outputs of the Op-amps. I'm thinking the cap is such a high capacitance incase it gets plugged into a low input impedance device like a Fuzzface or somthing. But As I know its going into a high impedance circuit, I should be able to drop that down to a few hundred nF shouldn't I??
Any help apriciated!


May 29, 2003
washington state / SoCal desert

Best thing would be just to try it and see how it interacts with your other stuff. When recombining the signals, 200 nF might be low enough to cause phase (and frequency) cancellation with some stuff. A high value like 10 uF would give a more consistent phase shift across the audio spectrum.