Rob Papen Does it again.

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    For those who use vst plugins with their DAWs, You may have heard of Rob Papen.
    He has released another soft synth that is designed to emulate analog synthesis .
    NO not another half baked attempt at the mini moog.
    Having been raised on analog and 1/4 inch tape and played early mini and micro moogs I have a taste for it that lingers, not unlike roast beef lingers in the fondest memories of many guilt obsessed vegans.

    The Unit is Titled BIT and it is the cats meow. Great design, lots of cool options, and you can make it sound like pooh, which is the failing of many hardware and software synths they are so pasteurized all you get is pleasant homogenized synthi-pop sounds. No I'm not casting shade on The Human League or Janet.The BIT can sit in and with other tracks other flavors of synthesis. Have a listen.
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