Rest In Peace, Bill Bourne...

Jared Purdy

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Jan 26, 2010
Toronto, Ontario.
Many of you will likely not know who Bill Bourne was. He was a Canadian, multi Juno nominee and winner guitar player, singer, and composer. He recorded many albums over the years in blues, roots and folk genres. He was a noted story teller in song. Born in Saskatchewan in 1952, he became well known in the blues and folk circuit across Canada, playing festivals and clubs.

When I was a student at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta in the 1980's, and playing in a couple of blues bands, it happened that he came to town to head-line a show and one of the bands that I was in was the opener. I ended up playing both his sets with him, and when he came back, we'd team up again.

Deeply humble and wise beyond his years, he struck me as an old man when I met him in 1984, yet he was only 32. He passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. The Canadian blues and folk scene will glow a little dimmer without his presence.
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