Replacement EDC knife


Doctor of Teleocity
May 25, 2007
St. Croix, USVI
Since the SOG Mini Aegis is no longer available I decided to try a Benchmade Griptilian mini. I’ve had it for about three weeks now and the these are my thoughts

My two SOGs and the new Benchmade. They are similar in size and shape.

The SOGs have a spring so when the blade opened just a few degrees the blade opens completely And is locked
The Benchmade requires more push to open. Sometimes a wrist flick is necessary to get the blade fully open and locked

The post on the Benchmade needs to be a 1/4” closer towards the blade. Closer to the Benchmade logo.

The actual handle could be a bit fuller, like the SOG. I cant imagine someone with big hands being able to open it with ease. I do like the scales

The Benchmade lock is solid as is the SOG. The Benchmade release is smooth but does require the thumb and forefinger to operate. The SOG is released with just the thump.

Due to the SOG spring one handed closing can be a bit tricky. The Benchmade closes easily with one hand

Both blades have a nice size and shape. The SOG pocket clip is snug but loosened up nicely after a few months. I had to bend the Benchmade clip to get to work at all. I can see the right pocket of my shorts getting a bit frayed because of the tightness of the clip

Of the two I like the SOG better. Maybe it’s years of carrying them. There is nothing “wrong” with the Benchmade. It’s like wearing a pair of your favorite boots until they are gone and you can’t find the next pair to fit just like the old ones

Next time I’m stateside I’ll get to a knife shop and try out knives and see if I can find something that just fits me a little better