Refinishing a Special Edition Amber FMT Tele - am I crazy?

boris bubbanov

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Feb 24, 2007
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I've put my FMT HH up for sale. It's really a nice guitar but my hand can't work with a thinner neck. PM me if anyone is interested. I know I will lose a ton of money on the sale. Bummer. It really is nice
I wish I'd seen this thread sooner. You're absolutely correct, these set neck Indonesian models (other than the Adkins) have painfully thin necks - I couldn't manage with it, I know that for sure.

If you bought used and bought well, you have just have to wait for the right buyer. Retained value on these was pretty awful in years past but not as bad lately. Just gotta find the right buyer. Best of luck!

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Mar 25, 2021
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I had a FM whatever HH Telecaster. For about 3 months. Mine was red and I absolutely LOVED the way it looked ... but the sounds it made left me cold. I was thinking "Telecaster with LesPaul balls." Didn't even come close. Sold it quick and never looked back. Since then I've gravitated toward my partscaster Teles and some Hamer products that are remarkably good for the $$$. Sad to hear Hamer is DOA, but nothing good ever happens to a company that gets mixed up with Fender. Guild USA is the exception - and only because they left Fender and struck out on their own.

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