Red Rhodes Velvet Hammer Tele Bridge

Discussion in 'Just Pickups' started by buddyboy, Dec 14, 2019.

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    Mar 21, 2003
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    I have a Red Rhodes Velvet Hammer Tele bridge pickup (actually wound by his son a few years back). It has three wires: white, black and red. It's hooked up to a a standard Tele 3 way switch with a push-pull pot to activate the different coils. The way it's set now, the push pull pot will activate one of the coils and read about 6.40k ohms and one at 3.50k ohms. Is that how it's supposed to work? I always assumed the RR James Burton/Clarence White thing was supposed to operate at 6.50k ohms or so, and then ADD the extra 3.50k ohms coil to bring the total signal resistance to 10.00k ohms when the switch is moved. The way it's set now it allows to only choose either, not together. Or is it that the standard coil is 3.50k one and the pickup gets boosted to 6.40k when you pull or push the pot? That's a fairly low output for a supposed "boosted" pickup.

    Any ideas. I pretty clueless about electronics and the wiring diagrams don't mention specifically how the coils should operate when on a switch or push-pull.
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