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    Jan 2, 2019
    Our most recent studio track.

    Tele Deluxe (shawbuckers) for the cleans... I bought this guitar just because I didn't have one. It is now my main gigging guitar. I can squeeze pretty much any sound I need out of it live. I am very surprised they are not more popular and were discontinued. I heard a lot of crap about the shawbuckers, but in my opinion it is going to depend on the rig you are playing. They seem to do magical things with marshals. Not quite as dynamic as an LP on the dirt but good enough.

    Thinline Elite for the dirty rhythm. This thing ends up on almost every one of my recordings with the S1 depressed. The neck is awesome.

    Used a traditional LP for the lead on this one. Just worked better in the mix.

    Enjoy... Please show us some love guys.

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