Question Regarding Gig Payment Protocol

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by Magnawolf, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. soulman969

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    Even sidemen need to be paid. They're investing time learning your tunes and money in their gear as well unless when you say "all the gear" you mean all of their guitars and all of their amps too and I don't think you do.

    The words "if we get a gig" are important too. That tells me you aren't getting paid gigs now so everyone is donating time and effort to the cause. If you are the leader and principal driver behind the band in both it's artistic and business dealings then you should be entitled to a larger cut to compensate for that. But as a player you're no more important to the whole than they are.

    So work out ahead of time what you feel is fair for that work. If you took 15%-20% off the top then split the rest that would probably be fair to them. Just get it all worked out before you begin to gig and that way no one will be surprised or upset after the fact. Unless you plan on doing a solo act you need them.
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    If you're doing all the bookings and promotion then I think you should be compensated. Why not take 10-15% off the top, and then equally split the remainder?
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    emul has the answer.

    In that situation where I am a hired hand, it wouldn't bother me if the band leader is making 10 times what he pays me as long as I get what he promised me.

    Usually in these situations, the band leader quotes a price or (minimum price) per gig.

    If you're offering a percentage split, you need to also specify what the minimum is that you will take a gig for - I wouldn't be happy with a 25% split if the bandleader was taking gigs for £100 for the whole band.
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    This is not going to end well.
  5. Martin R

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    As others have said, if you're already splitting things equally you really can't go back and cut their pay. As for your booking and stuff, it's your music you're trying to get out there. Chalk up your time as the cost of doing business.

    For future reference though, I've been in bands where the "PA" got a full share. Seemed fair at the time.
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