Question about Strat-sized P90s

Discussion in 'Just Pickups' started by kiwi blue, May 7, 2019.

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    The steel base plate doesn't double the magnetic field, it has very little effect on it. Because the permeability of the AlNiCo is rather low, there's very little reciprocal effect between it and the steel parts that are around it. Steel beside other steel has a greater mutual effect. The main reason they would abut AlNiCo with steel was to "keep" it, or help maintain it's magnetic field, but they wouldn't expect it to make the AlNiCo stronger than it would be otherwise. The steel keeper will have a magnetic field within itself, but if the steel is at the bottom of the pickup, it's essentially out of play, with respect to the guitar strings. Imagine the output you would get if you lowered the entire pickup to the depth of that steel plate, that's about how much it matters.

    If you're acknowledging that they're more alike than less, I'd agree, but since mounting Tele pickups in a Strat would represent a hassle unto itself, I'd say carry the philosophy a bit further and match the low Q of a P-90 with the tone knob, and the peak frequency with caps, and the low magnetic pull by lowering the pickups. Speaking in terms of the physics, what the Tele neck pickup cover does can be closely matched with the tone control, and what the inductance does can be matched with capacitance. What keeps people from turning to simple solutions is most likely psychological. There's no marketing machine for caps, or the tone knob, but there's a big marketing push for guitarists to buy new pickups, and the members on these forums play into that notion, too, when they get caught up in the enthusiasm.
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    Lots of interesting info in this thread. I know you're talking about P90-ish pickups in regular Strat pickup size, but I thought this was cool enough to post in a thread about Strats with P90s. It's the Vintage (that's the brand name) V6P:

    Please pardon the interruption.
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    03mim3 (2).jpg
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    I had a set of crappy twin blade p-ups from GFS. The AlNiCo magnets between the blades were the same size as the Ceramics under a Squier or Mexican Strat, so now I have 2 of them under a 3.5 K ohm Squier. You can hear the P-90 attack. The Squier coils themselves have a flatter EQ than normal Strats and have a great airiness and nice 3D sound stage. If you turn down the treble its sort of P-90ish except you can tell its a tall rather than a wide flat coil, but that P-90 bite is there. Squier sets are cheap used and Firebird magnets, readily available, will overhang only slightly, so thats a cheap alternative that sounds excellent.
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    Are you sure you're guitar isnt routed for HSH its fairly common on a lot of strats even if they use an SSS configuration. This is my modded squier affinity,


    I think the P90 look is pretty cool on a strat. I didn't want to spend a lot on this guitar since I got it for less than £100 so it has some cheapo asian p90s and a fat 50s bridge pickup (I had spare anyway. Although the p90s are cheap they've got all the important details nailed, 2 alnico bar magnets, correct wire gauge, correct dc resistance and screw scroll pieces and most important they sound good. The fat 50 is a nice coincidence its a good contrast to the p90s and the output is close enough to them as well.

    Anyway I'd check under the guard to see if real p90s are a possibility.
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    The SD Stra-Bro 90 is super excellent. I would highly recommend if you want a good P-90 tone in strat form. May not be 100% match to a standard P-90, but nobody in any row at any show is going to think "hmm, that sounds 92.34% like a P-90".

    Here's a link with a video. Pricey, but really nice.
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    A Quarter Pound has the volume and power of a P90. I don't think it sounds like one.
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