Question about possibilities with a Sunn Beta Lead or similar amp.


Jul 31, 2017
I found myself daydreaming and “rig creating” the other day and stumbled on a thought. Now, as much as I love gear of all kinds and playing with things and experimenting, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I have enough knowledge to not get shocked… most of the time… ;)

I love the full and thick sound of running a Sunn Beta Lead’s both channels simultaneously, but currently don’t own one to test out my thought.

Could I run my guitar into an AB/Y box with line A going into my DS-1 and then into amp input A while running the B line into amp input B directly with the eq set similarly enough for a “verge of break up gritty desert rock psychedelic doom sludge” sound? From there, I could use the b channel for “cleans”, a for “dirty”, and both for a dirty sound that could have the clean “blended in” to better articulate chords through the heavy distortion of the a channel. I’m not sure why this wouldn’t be doable as I know you can use an AB/Y as a channel selector, but figured I’d double check the wisdom of the forum before I start putting away a grand or more for a pipe dream. (Also using an AB/Y box and just leaving the DS-1 on may help that 40 year old pedal last another 40; fingers crossed)

While we are at it, could I use the the a and b effect loops independently while using the amp as stated above. If both channels are engaged, would the loops only effect their respective channels?

And for the last thing (and one that I think is very unlikely), could I use the master effects loop AND independent A and B loops in such a way that with both amp channels engaged, the master effects loop effecting both channels, and a and b loops just effecting their respective channels. I imagine it’s either a and b loops OR master loop, not both. But again, I don’t know anything, so why not ask?

Any help would be much appreciated. I think what I’m trying to capture could more easily be done with two amps and an AB/Y, but who has the back for that past 30?!?! And the the idea of possibly having a master loop and two independent loops just seems too cool to pass up if doable.
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