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Discussion in 'Shock Brother's DIY Amps' started by magic smoke, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Yesterday I took a couple of old raw speakers (50's Altecs and a Stephenson full-range driver) that were collecting dust over to the neighboring HI-FI shop to see if they were interested. The fellas were super kind and offered to trade me some old organ amps. Holy cow! This might be the biggest power transformer I've ever seen! The chassis with a plate is marked Baldwin Amplifier model AD, Tone chamber system S-2. 4 It runs 2 5U4, 4 6L6, and 2 12AX7s. I haven't found a schematic yet, but it's marked for 30w output power. That seems kind of lame for 4 6L6, I'd like to get it closer to it's full potential. The output transformer looks a little small for a 100w head, (same size as another baldwin I have that runs 4 el84s) should I consider upgrading, or keep it stock? Suggestions for the new project are welcome...
    Did I mention that he gave me 2 of these?
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    Yup - some of those organs ran a lot of tubes - rows and rows of 12**7 and whatnots, or similar types, so they needed to be able to handle a LOT of heater current.

    If you're gonna do a guitar amp I'd get a new OT just so you don't wonder about it later.
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    That was the recipe for success in one of my Hammond organ conversions. I tried to make the old OT work, but it would saturate too quickly for my tastes.
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