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    I've a Vox AV15 amp as a sort of inbetween amp. My trusty old Cube 60 is for any full size gigs I may do and I've a couple of small practice amps for home use so the AV15 is for living room band rehearsals and small cafe type gigs. Arthritis is making the Cube 60 difficult to haul around.
    The AV15 does the job....but I really hate the stupid 12v power supply unit it uses. A pain in the hole to carry around and too vulnerable imo. I prefer a kettle lead or hardwired cable.
    I've wondered about making a sort of cage on the back of the amp to keep it in, or even to do some surgery to have it inside the cabinet.....but that would make it impossible to sell on.
    I've got it up for sale but wondering if anyone here has thoughts on the issue.

    Also...I was interested in the Blackstar ID:CORE Stereo 40 as I really like stereo chorus, but guess uses a 12v PSU too.
    I messaged Blackstar with a wtf message and got a reply saying it's to save weight by not having a transformer in the amp. I replied that a 40w amp is likely to be used outside the home and that a PSU isn't suitable. Nothing back from them after that. Oh well. I'll just have to save up for a Roland JC22...
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