PSA for technical users and privacy focused iPhone users sad about SwiftKey.


Doctor of Teleocity
Mar 21, 2007
My mom's basement.
With Microsoft killing SwiftKey future support, I found Typefinity keyboard app with row of numerals, much more, and a privacy architecture that holds all data in the phone. After all the options like a full keyboard, be aware of this Easter egg. A quick swipe up on the / or ? keys gets you those characters without using the shift key. I don't find it as fast (yet) as SwiftKey, but I expect a day when SwiftKey will no longer work or a patch or upgrade makes it buggy.

For the big thread on tracking and privacy, I was very happy to send this guy with Apple's cut $5 because he is not making a living pushing you adds or reading what you type as other keyboard apps do.

If you do work, sysadmin or programming from your phone also check out Drafts and Prompt. SSH terminal session from your phone can be playing with a loaded gun but can also save the day or not wreck a good time if you are on call.

Just like with musicians, don't be a cheapskate and support the efforts of small software developers.