PRS Vela with a Trem?


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May 7, 2010
Hello everyone,

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I have the PRS Vela, why I'm posting it here is because it seemed like it was PRS's answer to the Telecaster. I can't find really any details online, but I want to put a trem on it. I've checked out the Bigsby B5 with the Vibramate, but not sure it will fit. From the center of the saddles it is 6in to the end of the body. (I'm waiting on an email back from Vibramate). I've also thought about the Dusenberg Les Trem with the Jazzmaster Buzzstop. The last thing I havent gotten quoted is actually having a trem route cut out in in. I need help. I can't be the only one crazy enough to want to do this.

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