PRS strings


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Feb 6, 2013
Hartville OH
Having lots of guitars and playing them means I go through lots of strings. On most of my electrics I use nickel 11s with a wound G. This is not the most popular set in the known universe.

My preferences are for Curt Mangan or SIT. Like most, I am always searching for a deal. So I tried the PRS brand strings. It seems obvious that PRS is not winding the strings and they are sourced from one of the primary winders that do a lot of white label product. I tried a set and found them to be a little darker than the other brands but well made. Being dark sounding is very OK with me. In lots of ten they are a pretty good deal for a quality product. So, I just bought 10 sets which should get me through the end of May.

I'm not really a PRS fan. Although I think that their pickups, wood working and finishes are very good I can't past a vendor that thinks it's OK to sell guitars that retail for more than 2k that you can't intonate without adding somebodies aftermarket bridge. It's like the MESA suitcase handles on a Lonestar, it's so stupid it's insulting. A tell of what they really thing of their customers. To me, their amp line was weak and on par with other badge oriented BS like the Gibson Goldtone product. PRS high end acoustics? Plu-ease!

Hey, I'm a cranky old boomer with lots of opinions.

However, strings is strings.
The strings are a very good buy the way they are currently priced.