Programmable Pickups


Oct 5, 2019
The Sticks, TX
Watching video of the Reverend factory tour and the owner of Reverend said while working with Koch and Fishman on the Gristlemaster, that Fishman techs could adjust the EQ curve of the preamp from a PC. How long before someone "cracks" Fishman pickups so the customer can have the full range of voicings possible or Fishman offers this as an off the shelf product? If they aren't working on this they're missing a big opportunity because its just a matter of time before someone comes up with a 3rd party product to do this. If you aren't familiar with how Fishman pickups are manufactured, the coil windings are imbedded in stacked circuit boards allowing the circuit to be tapped anywhere within coil. It would be a bummer if current pickups only have boards printed with circuits tapped at two places for the two voicings they offer. If Fishman did this they would have missed an opportunity to offer the owners of these pickups future enhancements at a cost.