Preacher movie review: The Batman


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Apr 17, 2007
Big D
I'm not entirely convinced by this Batman, it's far from bad, it's even very good, but there are a lot of things that bother me. Robert Pattinson makes a good Batman but a bad Bruce Wayne, Christian Bale was much better in the role of Wayne there, Pattinson is too bland, too depressive and inexpressive in short, I don't get it.

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Agreed, I should put up a poll but I will add my ideas.

I like Michael Keeton as "Batman" in the suit.
I like Val as Bruce Wayne

Best Batmobile - while I love the "Tumbler" from the Dark Night series, I do love Pattison's batmobile though the best. It looks like something that Bruce Wayne and Mr. Fox would put together in a dark basement somewhere.

Best Bat Cave - I give this one to Bale, the organic nature, and that temporary batcave in a shipping container is awesome.

Best Bat Suit - I really liked Bale's suit, it seems to have all the bells and whistles I would expect.

Best Alfred - I am not sure anyone is better than Michael Caine.

Best Riddler - This latest guy I really like, Paul Dano. Honorable mention to Cory Michael Smith of Gotham.

Best Joker - with my sincerest appologies to Jack, Heath Ledger is going to go down as the best Joker of all time. Those are some big shoes to fill.

Best Two Face - Aaron Eckhart, I just wish he had a little more screen time as Two Face.

Best Mr. Freeze - whoever plays him in the next movie. Although Nathan Darrow does a pretty good job in Gotham.

Best Bane - Tom Hardy should reprise that role but I am sure he has bigger fish to fry.

Best Cat Woman - Man, this is hard one. Michelle Pfiefer was pretty good, but I could not see her swinging from a fire escape. Halle Barry, she had the woman in the suit down, but her supernatural origins put me off. Anne Hatheway, I appreciated her non costume persona, but see her like Michelle, not a swinger. Young Ms Kravitz may have the leg up on both sides of the coin.

Best Penguin - We shall see on that one.