Preacher movie review - Downton Abbey - A New Era


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Apr 17, 2007
Big D
Well after Top Gun, Mrs. Preacher decided she needed to pick the next movie and since she is a fan of old English people and this series we went.

For full disclosure, I still call it Down Town Abbey and I have no idea who the characters are and what their positions within the Abbey are but my wife does so we go to the movies.

I don't feel I can give it a good review as I am not familiar with this medium of film, but my wife is and she said it was good. Not great, but good and nice reprise to the series.

I think it is about the relationships between all sorts of people of different social standings, tax brackets and learnings. I have to admit that I snoozed part of the way through it but did have a few chuckles at the old cantankerous lady of the house and how she just speaks her mind. I aim to be that kind of person when I am old and don't care what other people think of me and just say what I am thinking.

So for now, if you are a fan, go watch it. If you aren't a fan, you need to watch the mini series, the series and the prior movies or you will be lost.



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Apr 20, 2013
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My wife liked it as well. I have not watched any of the series or the movie, because my mother liked the series. Long, involved, and ugly story that you probably don't want to know...